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We believe that people who participate in clinical trials are true heroes because researching today’s medicines will bring tomorrow’s cures and help to improve and save countless lives.

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Every day, medical professionals, pharmacists, mathematicians, chemists, biologists, and other experts lend their services to the discovery of new and advanced treatment for medical disorders, chronic diseases, life- threatening illnesses, and infectious diseases.

These treatments may be the first in a particular therapeutic area, or they may be improved versions of existing drugs or devices to manage disease.

Expertise of Texas Physicians Medical Research Group (TPMRG) staff comes from extensive experience in the conduct of clinical research working in collaboration with local physicians, National Institute of Health (NIH), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and major pharmaceutical industry to bring life-saving medications and evolving therapies to Texas.

TPMRG is composed of teams of experienced and devoted professionals driven by the passion to improve the quality of life through all area of expertise in clinical research, patient management and ongoing education.

About Us

Texas Physicians Medical Research Group (TPMRG) is a research firm developed by a network of physicians, based in Arlington, Texas. Located between Dallas and Forth Worth, the facility is surrounded by growing communities. We are the link connecting pharmaceutical and research organizations to caring individuals seeking to power the advancement of medicine.

We are fully staffed with experienced Physician Investigators (PI), caring research nurses and IATA certified study coordinators. We are solely dedicated to the advancement of research by providing the highest levels of trial management, data collection and reporting, and health education.

The volunteer subjects are enrolled from private practice settings, hospitals, surrounding communities, advertisements and referrals from our network of highly dedicated physicians.

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